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The Helter Skelter Drink Chiller

A ‘revolutionary way to serve a cold drink in seconds!’

‘A Great British invention!’

Place the block upside down in the freezer until needed. This will ensure that the gel inside is resting in the channel for maximum effect. Place on a table with spout over the edge, making sure you protect delicate surfaces, and flooring, from condensation and drips. Gently pour your wine, juice or spirit into the top of the channel, and watch it chill rapidly as it winds down the Helter Skelter Ice Luge. Make sure your glass (or mouth!) is underneath the spout to collect the cold drink. The special gel will chill a whole bottle of alcohol, or similar, and takes just an hour or so to recharge in the freezer. Wipe clean after use and dry thoroughly to remove excess water in the channel. 

Product Features:

• Cools drinks in 6 seconds - no need for ice
• Suitable for wine, spirits and soft drinks
• Chill your drink as it spirals down
• Conveniently pours out the spout
• Unique contemporary design