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Stripes are here to stay thanks to everyone's favorite master of blending in, Wally. The hues of Wally's trademark look will take over your wardrobe this season, adding a pop of color and a bit of whimsy to your routine. You won't want to hide these cool socks under your pant leg, but you will want to take another deep dive into this colorful world. The intense blue in contrast with the warm red toe and stripes makes these socks completely irresistible. Plus, you'll be thrilled to discover that each side is completely different! On one, you'll find Wally peeking his head out as if to invite you to join him on his fun escapades; while on the other, you'll find red and blue vertical stripes. If you had a hard time finding Wally in Martin Handford's illustrations, fret not! Now you'll be able to pinpoint him just fine thanks to these daring and fun socks! So what are you waiting for? Get yours already!